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Meet the Team

Adjunct Professor Chris Coombs

Principal Consultant 

Registered Nurse

Registered Midwife

Bachelor of Health Science

Masters of Nursing: Thesis "From Quality Assurance to Process Improvement"

Former Surveyor Australian Council on Health Care Standards

Lead Assessor ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems

Lead Assessor National Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme

Lead Assessor Disability Services Accreditation

Lead Assessor National Safety and Quality Health Standards 2nd Edition

Lead Assessor ACIA Standards

Lead Assessor National Service Standards for Mental Health Services

Lead Assessor Human Services Accreditation Victoria

Chris Coombs has worked as a Senior Manager in the health system for over twenty five years. She has managed both small and large facilities and is recognised as a leader in nursing. She brings a wealth of experience in relation to acute, sub acute, rural, metropolitan, community and academia. She is the former Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital Director of Nursing, Clinical Services and Midwifery. 

In her roles she has been responsible for many change projects and has been responsible for major investigations in relation to clinical and non clinical issues.

She is well known for her ability to drill down to the problem at hand to develop the sensible solution and the right answer. Chris is a Surveyor for the Australian Council on Health Care Standards, an Expert Reviewer for the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission and an Adjunct Professor for the University of New England.

She provides expertise and support to managers in areas of change management, small group problem solving, facilitates training programs in any fields required or requested and accreditation/certification services and assistanc

David Coombs

Senior Consultant 

Registered Nurse, Psychiatric Nurse

Bachelor of Health Science

David Coombs has worked in the areas of Community Health, Public Health, Regional Primary Community Development, Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol services. He has extensive experience in Project Management and establishment of new services

Over recent years David has worked as a Patient Safety Officer for Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Services. He is a former specialist surveyor for the Australian Council on Health Care


Ben Coombs

Actor and Workshop Director

Bachelor of Acting for Screen and Stage 

Ben Coombs is an experienced professional actor and workshop co-ordinator. Ben has worked extensively nationally and internationally in the field of Theatre In Education and has also been responsible for the implementation of various drama workshops across Italy, United Kingdom, oland and Australia. He provides coordination and planning support to the fields of corporate presentation and training.  

Glen Coombs

I.T. Consultant 

Glen Coombs provides technical expertise in relation to all aspects of information technology. He is assisting the business to move toward a web based learning platform and many other aspects relating to Information Management and Technology.

Glen has worked in IT support and has spent the last five years as a Technical Support Officer as part of the Digital Education Revolution.

 He is our I.T. Guru. 

Mary-Louise Clifford


Early Childhood Services and Workplace Health and Safety and Consumer Engagement 

Bachelor of Education -Early Childhood

Certificate IV Business

Certificate IV Workplace Health and Safety

Certificate IV Training and Assessment

Lead Assessor ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems

Mary-Louise is an experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. She is an early childhood teacher having managed several centres and is skilled in coaching, leadership development, teaching, tutoring, and curriculum development. 

Mary-Louise has worked with government and non government agencies to lobby for issues especially those impacting on women including gender balance in decision making , paid parental leave and equal pay.

She has also worked closely with the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission and the Agency for Clinical Innovation patient journey program relating to DVT awareness and improvements in Clinical Excellence and Practice

Mary-Louise presents and health conferences all over Australia presenting the journey from a catastrophic health event from the patients perspective. This has led her to become a formidable consumer consultant

She is an experienced assessor and is able to assist services in workplace health and safety, early childhood standards and quality management systems‚Äč
Other Consultants

We also employ a number of clinical, legal and managerial consultants from industry as required to meet the need of the consultancy.

Contact Us:

+61429202900PO Box 332 Tamworth NSW Australia 2340 email: [email protected]