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About the Practice Accreditation Standards (the Standards)

There are fifteen Practice Accreditation Standards for the Diagnostic imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS). Accreditation to all fifteen standards is known as ‘full suite’ accreditation, whilst accreditation to three of these Standards (standards 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4) is known as ‘entry level’ accreditation.

Practices entering the DIAS for the first time may choose to be accredited against either the entry level Standards or the full suite of Standards. Practices initially choosing to be accredited against the entry level Standards have a period of two years to achieve accreditation against the full suite of Standards to maintain their accreditation.

Practices awarded accreditation against the full suite of Standards enter the accreditation maintenance program, which requires re-accreditation against the full suite of Standards every four years.

We can assist Diagnostic Imaging Services to meet these standards in a number of ways

  • Manage the whole process for you including submission, development of templates, resources and required evidence

  • Prepare a Safety and Quality Manual for you as required by the Commonwealth Department of Health
  • Provide templates for you to complete to assist your service to meet the requirements of the standards
  • Review your current documentation
  • Assist you when conditional accreditation is approved and further work is required

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